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Water tax and toxins

I have three simple questions for the apparatchiks trying to foist a water tax on us.

1. If the first priority of a government is not to make sure that all its citizens have drinkable water, without which we would die within two weeks, what is the point in having a government at all?

2. As they know, beyond any doubt, that hexafluorosilicic acid and/or sodium silicofluoride are in no way beneficial to our teeth or health, that chlorine, which they also add to it, reacts with many of the other chemicals in the water to form toxins, and that aluminium, which they also add to it, is a proven neurotoxin, why should we pay for it anyway?

3. Why is the HSE insisting that Irish Water adds these toxins to our water and at the same time wondering why the hospitals are overflowing?

All answers in writing to President Higgins and/ or The World Health Organisation please.

Richard Barton

(Dip Nutritional Medicine, Dip Counselling, researcher and writer)


Co Wicklow


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