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Voting yes will bring tangible justice to gay community

Shane has returned from living in London to take over the family farm in North Cork, as his father has become incapacitated with Alzheimer’s.

For 16 years himself and his partner have developed new farming techniques and increased the profitability of the farm.

They have financed a nursing home for Shane’s father without any contribution from his other siblings.

Gary his partner through civil marriage, has been an integral part of the development of the farm business.

He has come to love working the land.

Due to tragic circumstances Shane and his father have both died within a month of one another. Shane’s brother is returning from the US to claim the farm with the intention of selling it to developers.

The hypothetical scenario above is the reality of the referendum on May 22.

In a Pollyanna world it could be about love and happiness but, in reality it is about entitlement. If Gary was Geraldine he would have inherited the farm.

Bring justice into our Constitution.

Pam Coughlan




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