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Vico Road case doesn’t represent powerlessness of those in arrears

The news has been dominated by the possible repossession of a mansion on Vico Road but if you want to see true pain, go into a local court. Sitting through 60 repossession cases in Cork Circuit Court was nothing but tragedy.

Take one young man, weathered and worn beyond his years. He had no solicitor and was on his own. He explained to the court how he had been dealing with a divorce.

His ex-wife’s solicitor wanted to sell their home, as did the bank’s solicitor, but this young man, explained very nervously that although he had fallen into arrears for a short while, he had since been making full mortgage repayments.

It seemed to be one against two, until the registrar jumped in, and granted this young man a short time to pay the arrears.

This young man slunk out, defeated, with nothing more to be said — he won’t be able to pay the arrears in that time.

The same stories kept coming time and again — recession, work gone, stress, family break-ups — and the registrar (not a judge), would nod, smile kindly but we knew who would win out. It was absolutely horrific.

The only ones winning are the banks, they have the best of representation, but the people have nothing.

These are the same people who bailed out the banks, the same people who pay to keep this country going and they have no representation, no bailout and no home to go to.

This is Ireland 2015, not Vico Road.

Cáit O’ Beirne

Cnoc Na Si


Co Sligo


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