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Unnatural ruaille-buaille will have unsettling impact on area’s wildlife

I note that the Gaeilge version of the above sacred shrine tideal is sidelined of late; this is perhaps in aid of Tourism Ireland also.

 It will attract more visitors to view the Star Wars ‘invasion’ rather than as a historic monastic island, with its ancient beehive cells, oratories, relics, crosses and the remains of Naomh Fionnán eighth-century monastery. It saddens and worries me to read... “A significant slice of the headland is being taken up by the SW film set in what is an area of special protection for a bird species. Helicopters will also be operating near the cliff face during the breeding season...”

No one speaks, permits are granted, gan ceist ar bith i gciúnas “árdghlórach” ó Roinn Oidhreachta/ Gaeltachta and Heather Humphries lántsásta leí féin, in the name of Irish Tourism ambaist, not to mention Comhairle Co. Chiarraí. This headland is one of the best breeding areas for the Chough, a member of the Crown family with beautiful unique plumage and striking red beak and claws; the Dingle peninsula, with 119 breeding pairs is a stronghold. The film shoot will take place during the breeding season.

Are we being blindly led to believe this noisy level of unnatural and untimely ruaille-buaille, will not upset nesting wildlife, in their, up to now, sheltered habitat? I would like to get opinions of Wildlife expertise as to whether they would agree with the ecological assessment of Dept of Arts/ Heritage because I do not, as a humble nature lover, and birdwatcher but unqualified in ecological research and deeper knowledge. Éistigí le seanfhocal críonna: Is leor don éan a nead ciúin. (All the bird needs is its quiet nest).

Eilís Uí Bhriain

Caisleán Uí Liatháin

Co Chorcaí


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