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Too many falsehoods peddled about Israel and the Palestinians

Jack O’Neill (Irish Examiner, September 26) displays an ignorance of factual history.

The Palestinians and their apologists are fond of quoting UN resolutions that suit them but not fond on following them through. Mr O’Neill mentions UN resolution 194 that provided for the creation of a Jewish and a Palestinian state.

Yet he implies that the fact that Palestinian state never came to be is because of Israel when he should know that in 1948 Gaza was annexed by Egypt and the West Bank by Jordan. So why is it there wasn’t a beep out of the Arab world about that occupation and that it was only when Israel took control of those lands following its victory in the Six-Day War that the problem starts?

Also, why is it only Palestinians get this ‘right of return’ but it doesn’t apply to the Jewish people who lost their homes in Arab countries?

The building of settlements per se isn’t a problem, it’s the fact Jewish people live in them and might remain living in them as part of a peace agreement is the problem. It’s the fact that all the submissions for peace made by the Palestinians include a required that there be no Jewish people living in any land that forms a Palestinian state.

The Palestinians do not want to live in peace with anyone who is not a very particular type of male Muslim, as the Palestinian women who live under Sharia Law in Gaza would tell you if they were allowed a voice but people like Mr O’Neill have nothing to say about that oppression, and they most certainly do not want to live in peace with Jewish people.

It’s all very well for supporters of a Palestinian state to never have to face the reality of what living in another backward, corrupt and violent Arab state would be like, given it’s unlikely any of the Irish armchair apologists would ever give up their Irish freedoms, but it’s quite another to pander to the factual falsehoods their support is built on.

Israel is not perfect and has made many mistakes. But it is not Israel’s fault that a Palestinian state was not created in 1948. It not Israel’s fault that the billions of western aid donated for the Palestinian people has been stolen and that Palestinian leaders live in luxury and their people in poverty. It is not Israel’s fault that Palestinian men force Palestinian women to live under Sharia Law.

Most importantly, nor is it Israel’s fault that the Palestinian people were told by their political and religious leaders from 1948 onwards that it is better to live your life in a squalid refugee camp.

Desmond FitzGerald

Canary Wharf



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