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Tolerance of absenteeism is damaging to economy

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

If one has a close look at how our economic affairs are managed here, one could find an answer if one lines up the cost of living against the size and frequency of increases in wage demands.

No government has any money of its own, it has to rely on the taxpayer or just add to our national debt.

I have written in previous letters about the poor management skills from the Taoiseach downwards at how offenders and their supervisors remain in office.

The public sector and HSE staff are notorious for the extent of the absenteeism which averages at 10 days each.

Absenteeism is tolerated as more staff have to be employed as replacements, shoving up the cost.

Scotland has a population slightly larger than Ireland yet has far fewer MPs.

When I look at how our country is managed and see how absenteeism is tolerated and perhaps encouraged I believe we are tolerating the sabotage of our economy whether it is the chicken or the egg that came first.

Richard Prendergast


Co Cork


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