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Tipperary defends peace prize for Ban Ki-moon

I refer to a letter from John-Paul O’Driscoll, (Irish Examiner, February 28). He said the selection of UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon for the Tipperary International Peace Prize was misplaced.

Tipperary Peace Convention rejects that view and confirms the selection of Mr. Ban Ki-moon as 2014 recipient of the prize.

Ban Ki-moon has spoken out early, frequently and strongly on all of the major crises of the past several years, from Syria to Ukraine, from the Middle East to the Korean peninsula, from violent extremism to violence against women.

He has been a principled voice, and effective at mobilising UN action in the face of multiple crises. He has also repeatedly stressed to the Security Council, and wider UN membership, the need for unity, and for heightened efforts to end conflict.

The Tipperary Award recognises this leadership, as well as his dynamic work on climate change, development and much else. We are very much looking forward to receiving Mr. Ban Ki-moon in Tipperary later this year.

Martin Quinn

Hon. Secretary

Tipperary Peace Convention


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