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The West has always supported ‘terrorism’

In June, 2012, the New York Times reported that arms were being "funnelled" across the Turkish border into Syria in a covert operation aided by CIA officers.

Then, in September 2013, the Washington Post reported that the CIA and US State Department had started overt weapons’ deliveries to the Syrian rebels — which the Obama administration had promised back in June, 2013. Now the Obama administration is seeking $500m from Congress to train and equip “vetted” Syrian rebels.

Enter, stage left, ISIS, an extremist, autonomous terrorist group, we are told, active in Syria and Iraq. It seems too coincidental that such a group — described by the Guardian as “too extreme even for al-Qaida” (June 11, 2014) — should suddenly be the perfect pretext to justify the West’s support of terrorists, and therefore terrorism, within Syria and Iraq — support which is now publicly known, and which had to be because covert operations had been ineffective. Yet the West has supported terrorism since the start of these conflicts. There are no moderates in Syria and Iraq. War crimes have allegedly been committed by the Free Syrian Army (FSA). Our attention should be on Western terrorism — car-bombing in Basra in September 2005 allegedly by the SAS, drone strikes murdering hundreds of people each year in countries with which the US isn’t at war, extraordinary rendition flights to Diego Garcia, and the torture of those kidnapped, Guantanamo Bay prison, the NDAA, which makes it law in the US for any person to be arrested and incarcerated indefinitely without due process, and the hundreds of thousands murdered in recent wars by the West under the pretext of a war on terror — which John Pilger calls a “war of terror”.

Louis Shawcross


Co Down

N Ireland


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