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The USA is still the best game in town

I AM writing to you in reference to an article I read in your paper: “Americans cannot be allowed think they can just do as they please” (May 7).

I am an American, married to an Irish woman and I have been living here for the last four years and work as a security guard.

Don’t get me wrong, as an American, I do believe in freedom of speech and of the press. It’s funny no matter how much or how many times the US helps the world you always find someone trying to turn it into a negative thing.

We hold our own counsel and we answer to no one but ourselves. And we didn’t just block totalitarian aggression during World War II and the Cold War, but put an end to it. No matter what anyone says, the USA is the greatest country this world has ever known. I can also proudly say, we have never been, nor never will be, an empire, evil or otherwise. No, we’re not perfect, but we’re the best game in town.

Michael R Wetzel

(US Navy 1974)


Co Cork


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