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The US are a rogue nation hell bent on controlling global natural resources

I am not a fan of Putin, but this is far from a factual piece ( ‘Western apologists enabling Putin’s aggressive stance’, October 28).

It is a mixture of propaganda and lies. Firstly with regard to Ukraine, if Russia were to put an army in Mexico there would be a nuclear war. The Cuban missile crisis springs to mind. Yet NATO has placed armies on the border of Russia. The US and NATO breached agreements with Gorbachev when they a agreed not to go into East Germany. Now we have the CIA and Obama in the Ukraine. Russia has been invaded by that front far more times and I cannot remember an invasion in the other direction since probably Attila. I stand to be corrected on this point. However the quotation attributed to Mr Putin has also been attributed to GHW Bush and US propaganda is generally rolled out as a means of justifying the increasing aggressiveness of the US and NATO. This quote even if it was attributed to Putin could be interpreted in several ways and not a declaration of expansionist policies. The US apologists are all too quick to jump on words and not so quick to jump on the deeds of the US.

With regard to Syria the only legal foreign army above the skies of Syria is Russian. The US does not have the permission of the Syrian government. Invasion for the sake of regime change is illegal under international law. It is clear the invasion of Iraq was illegal. It is clear that the Saudis are illegally invading Yemen.The Americans created ISIS along with the British. We have Bush and Blair to thank. Then the CIA and its allies decided that Mr Gaddafi had to go. So they armed so-called moderate rebels, aka ISIS, and continue to do the same in Syria with Al Qaeda affiliated groups.

Countries close to Russia fare better than those close to the US. The Russian arms budget is only a fraction of the US. The US supplies most of the arms around the globe. They are a rogue nation and are regarded as such in every nation that has a natural resource they require or industries that are competing with US industries.

Patrick O’Donovan

Bridge St



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