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The tragedy of the big lie

IN his letter (October 20), Jack Lane correctly challenges the idiotic proposal by Cork’s mayor Brian Bermingham to “honour the memories of the estimated 2,600 Corkmen who died in the First World War”. Perhaps the wearing of fancy dress mayoral robes has gone to his head. There was no honour in the First World War, just stupid imperialistic arrogance and massive crimes against humanity committed by all sides against each other and against the troops on their own sides.

There was no justification for this war, apart from its background reasons to maintain the elitist status quo both within and between European states.

Supporting the freedom of small nations such as Belgium was the lie that helped to persuade more than 50,000 young Irishmen to waste their lives.

Let us by all means acknowledge the pointlessness and stupidity of this war, but we must not attribute honour and glory to the war itself or to those who were conned or forced into fighting it.

Let’s turn Remembrance Day each year into a genuine day of atonement for all the crimes against humanity committed in all wars.

Edward Horgan


Co Limerick


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