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The people of Gaza are being exploited by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority

If anyone still needs convincing that the so-called political representatives haven’t betrayed the people of Gaza, then the report by Steen Lau Jorgensen, the World Bank’s director for the region should once and for all highlight the criminal behaviour of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

Mr Jorgensen’s analysis is vitally important given the dominant anti-Israel narrative of the moment.

He reinforced that “Gaza’s economy is in a worse state than any other in the world” due to “repeated rounds of conflict, internal divisions and the embargos of Israel and Egypt” (Irish Examiner, World News, May 23).

The internecine confrontation between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority for control of Gaza has strangled at birth any and every financial, political or social initiative from the global community.

Hamas’ repeated attacks on Israel and Egypt are directly responsible for the economic blockade, while in terms of peace settlements, the Palestinian Authority, as Carlo Strenger, one of Israel’s harshest left-wing critics admitted, “never misses a chance to miss a chance”. That he uses the famous quote of Israel’s former foreign minister Abba Eban to make his point, gives his lament for the people of Gaza a poignancy that should register with every engaged actor.

Therefore, when the Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign chant “from the river to the sea, Palestine shall be free”, one needs to ask is this simply naive, or is it a disengeneous attempt to obfuscate who the real enemies of the people of Gaza are?

Does the IPSC really believe that the people of Gaza would immediately prosper if Israel left, and Hamas and the Palestinian Authority were left to slaughter each other?

The answer is clearly no, they would continue to be exploited financially and politically by the millionaire leaders of both organisation’s who have no direct interaction with the people they are suppose to represent.

Dr Kevin McCarthy


Co Cork


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