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The people have voted down a federal Europe and this time no means no

THE rejection of the Lisbon Treaty is a clear statement by the people that they wish to maintain the primacy of our constitution and do not want a federal constitutional United States of Europe.

Our political leaders would do well to listen to the voice of the people.

Maybe now the EU political elite will listen to the democratic voice of the people — especially as we represented the hundreds of millions of EU electorate who never got the chance to express a democratic vote.

The treaty has fallen. It should be torn up. The people have rejected it.

This time no means no and there should be no rerun as in Nice 2.

In particular there should be no statements that the people were not fully informed and did not know what they were voting on.

Now tell me, what part of no do our political leaders not understand?

Dana Rosemary Scallon


Co Galway<

THE fools, the fools, they thought they could sell us a pig in a poke.

PJ McElhone

Dublin 3


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