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Thank you for telling the world our love is equal

It may be the Baileys or the fact that it’s also Eurovision weekend but my emotions are running high.

As I watched the results of the same-sex marriage vote come in, I could barely dare to let myself hope that the country in which I grew up, with a burning shame of being gay inflicted on me and a daily terror of my shame being found out could now be the first country in the entire world to allow its people the direct choice to confirm that the love of a gay couple is equal to that of a straight couple.

But it’s true they have and the thought that all the people younger than me will never have to go through what we went through, or worse, fills my heart with joy.

I hope now that the soul of Declan Flynn, so brutally murdered in Fairview Park in 1983 for no reason other than being gay is now at peace at last.

To the people of my country, young and old, urban and rural, although I didn’t need your approval, I’m glad to have it and I thank you.

Desmond FitzGerald

Canary Wharf




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