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Sordid EU elite show true colours

Just when you think EU and IMF officialdom couldn’t be more out of touch with the reality of EU citizens, they come with this “deal” for Cyprus and prove they are even more out of touch than anyone ever realised.

I wonder how many Cypriot politicians and senior government and IMF/EU officials were able to move their money out of the country in the hours before this announcement was made?

It’s not even as if the robbery of people’s savings can be sold as being fair given the senior bondholders have been wiped out when yet again, senior bondholders, in the case of Cyprus, mostly Russian and eastern European mafia it would seem, have been left untouched. The IMF and EU would be mistaken to think that if the Cypriots appear to meekly accept their punishment that it means the seeds of further conflict haven’t already been sown or that there won’t be consequences further down the line at the next European Parliament elections.

It’s almost as if senior decision makers at the highest EU level are determined to recreate the conditions of 1913/14 in which an elite, so out of touch with reality and so supremely confident of their own abilities, marched on, oblivious to the carnage they were about to plunge Europe into. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and IMF bosses seem hell-bent on destroying what legitimacy the European project had as a means to improve the lives of EU citizens and turn the noble aspiration of “ever closer union” into a sordid money-grabbing elitist cartel that operates for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many.

Desmond FitzGerald

Canary Wharf

London, England


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