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Some are suffering more than others

I note with interest the piece by Mr Ignacio Saiz featured in your paper (Nov 30).

Ireland has been experiencing a financial crisis for four years now. The people have already endured significant cuts, and further cuts were announced in the budget yesterday. The manner in which successive governments have approached the budgetary process is not working. A new approach is needed urgently.

The scale of our public debt is high, but our private household debt is higher. When the Government is trying to balance its books, it must think about the people trying to balance theirs. We are all suffering, but some are suffering more than others.

The time has come for our elected representatives to get creative, be courageous and challenge the economic school of thought that we have been so loyal to for so long.

In his article Mr Saiz has presented us with an alternative. We have nothing left to lose.

Tony Spillane

North Anne Street

Dublin 7


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