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Small landlords have nobody to turn to

While I agree with Michael Byrne’s sentiments regarding minimum apartment size, and the agenda of greedy developers, his plea for rent controls is somewhat biased. 

He has paid no attention to the plight of thousands of landlords who have one or two properties to let.

They are not afforded the privilege of running such ventures in a fair and equitable manner. These people rarely impose upward rent reviews on good tenants as it could be counter-productive.

Nevertheless, they are subjected to ever

increasing rules, regulations and taxes by a government who failed in their duty to provide housing for families on low incomes.

It must also be emphasised that owners get little support when their houses or apartments are trashed and defiled. Furthermore, if drugs have been grown or used in a premises it has to be fumigated and painted. All furniture as well as

curtains have to be replaced as well. Tenants sometimes unofficially vacate a property leaving all types of personal possessions. It seems that the owners cannot touch or remove such paraphernalia. Rents are unpaid and mobile telephone numbers remain unanswered in such instances. Likewise, is Mr. Byrne aware that it is common practice to pay such tenants in order to secure vacant possession of the property? Many owners choose this option rather than adopting a prolonged legal course of action. The Private Residential Tenancies Board is of little use on such occasions.

Margaret Humphreys



Co Cork


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