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Six-figure politicians are not listening, so they need to be sent a second reminder

THE twin Government mantra over the past nine months has been around how they “are working hard” and “taking difficult decisions”.

Regarding the so-called hard work, they set up a panel to examine taxation, another panel to look at expenditure and a third group to save the banks and developers.

It took 166 TDs all that time to “appoint” other people to do their work for them.

In the meantime, they continue to spend your money on a variety of consultants to tell them what to do and say. I suggest therefore that none of them has done any actual work at all but they were still so tired they needed three months off to recover.

So, what about the difficult decisions? In a nutshell, a person earning more than €200,000 a year who is in a position to double that amount through unvouched expenses, has a big pension to look forward to very soon and may even have their old job kept open for them, that person has to decide whether to tax social welfare, child benefit, homes, fuel and water.

Given their massive earnings, the decision to apply these new taxes will present no difficulty to them personally. I submit that 166 of these highly-paid like-minded individuals will have no problem causing deep distress to the masses as long as none of it affects them personally.

Indeed, these new taxes are essential to guarantee their salaries, expenses and pensions.

So they do not have hard decisions to make, viewed from their own lofty perches, nor do they have any real work to do. Listening to and watching these representatives of ours on the media, I am continually amazed at how totally out of step they are with the electorate. Add the deep cynicism of the electorate, their mistrust and dislike of their politicians and you could see how the Lisbon Treaty will be defeated.

If these leaders of ours won’t give us the democratic right to throw them out by calling a general election, then the only option we have is to send them a strong message via Lisbon.

With the treaty rejected a second time, they would have to come back to us for their mandate ... wouldn’t they ?

John Mallon

Shamrock Lawn




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