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Signs of double-think by Americans on ISIS threat

On the one hand, the United States claim they have hard evidence for militant activity. This justifies drone strikes, which kill alleged militants in places like Afghanistan, Waziristan, and Yemen, etc, and this is keeping us safe.

On the other hand, Robert Fisk, speaking recently on Australian television, claims that “when columns of ISIS forces arrive [in Syria] in their thousands across the desert, clearly visible on American satellite pictures, the Americans don’t bomb ISIS then.

“They let them attack the Syrian Army and beat them, of course.”

Bill Gertz, writing for the Washington Free Beacon, says: “The Pentagon has not conducted air strikes against an estimated 60 Islamic State (IS) training camps... spread throughout Islamic State-controlled areas of Iraq and Syria” ( August 28).

Either the US has clear evidence for terrorist activity and is doing nothing — in the case of ISIS — or else their intelligence is imprecise, but is nevertheless being used to justify the deaths of hundreds of people, in the case of drone strike victims.

Louis Shawcross,


Co Down


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