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Sickening cowardice on O’Donoghue’s expenses

IN his letter (September 21), John O’Driscoll urges us for Ireland’s sake to resist the temptation to “take it out on the rotten assembly in Leinster House” by rejecting the Lisbon Treaty.

I disagree. Are one-quarter of TDs worthy of re-election?

Not only has John O’Donoghue spent €500,000 of taxpayers’ money on his travel and other expenses, he now has increased his office staff from three to 10, which seems like a further €500,000 of taxpayers’ money going nowhere except in promoting the O’Donoghue bandwagon and gravytrain.

As none of the main parties has insisted on his resignation, then whatever they represent is of no interest to me. Their cowardice is sickening.

If Lisbon, NAMA and/or any other government plan (Green or gombeen) is put forward to maintain a flawed status quo, or the rebuilding of the corrupt Ireland that has crashed, I most certainly will vote against it.

The meanness and greed inspired by the SSIA mentality which voted for and maintained the Bertie buffoonery – and which has being rigorously maintained at all costs by the present excuse for an administration – must be dispelled and the quickest way to accomplish this and elect a new government is what I am proposing ... Vote No – it’s the way to go.

John Herriott

York Road

Dun Laoghaire

Co Dublin


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