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Shop ’til you drop, but isn’t this a day too far?

WHILE I understand the predicament in which Cork businesses find themselves due to the triple whammy of recession, budget and flooding, I do not believe that opening for sales on St Stephen’s Day is desirable or will solve anything.

Could families not have a breather from the hectic pace of life, some time out from the treadmill of work and shopping? What could anyone possibly need that they haven’t already bought by Christmas Day?

Businesses will argue that if they don’t open, others will and they will lose out as a result. The obvious solution is a “gentleman’s agreement” to hold off until the more traditional date of January 1.

Or has all decency left the retail industry and it’s become a free-for-all? What next? Shops open on Sundays as it is. Perhaps they should stay open on Christmas Day as well, or just do away with the whole concept of resting and focus instead on the never-ending pursuit of a few cent more.

Even God, who can do stuff just by wishing it, had the good sense to take it easy one day of the week, recognising the need for time out and peace for the soul. The world isn’t short of anything for his taking a day off.

Nick Folley





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