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Seanad shot itself in the foot at abolition debate

A constant whinge from senators is that the Seanad has wonderful and insightful debates that are never reported by the media, and thus the public never get to learn how brilliant and necessary the Seanad is for democracy.

Last Monday the Seanad debated its own demise, and showed just how insightful its debates really are.

David Norris’s vulgar references to a female politician’s genitalia would have seen any other male flogged to within an inch of his life by the feminist commentariat. But since Norris is the darling of the intelligentsia he will be allowed to get away with it.

In comparing pro-abolition arguments with Nazi propaganda, Mary White proved again that she should stick to making chocolates and not arguments.

Yet again the Seanad when given an opportunity to demonstrate why it should be retained has yet again shot itself in both feet and proved beyond all reasonable doubt why this sorry excuse of a legislative chamber is destined to the dustbin of history.

I would like to thank Senators Norris and White among others for making the case for Seanad abolition so much easier.

Jason Fitzharris



Co Dublin


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