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Seanad debate was a real eye-opener

WATCHING the debate in the Seanad on the Civil Partnership Bill was a real eye-opener for me (and for many others, I believe) and I now understand why there is such a drive to abolish that institution.

It is little more than an expensive, time-consuming talk-shop where senators can sound off about their pet schemes.

Minds are well and truly made up long before an issue comes to the debating table – or at least that was clearly the case in the partners bill debate.

I was quite taken aback at the contributions of some speakers – particularly Senator David Norris.

I was amazed at his failure to recognise the real agenda behind the bill – the Trojan Horse that was there for anyone with eyes to see.

The Civil Partnership Bill is a legal Trojan Horse. It has provided what liberalism could not supply, namely a rationale for state agencies to restrict individual liberty.

Under the guise of giving liberties to homosexuals, this bill has restricted all our liberties, including, by the way, the liberties of homosexuals.

How stupid can TDs and senators be? Why didn’t they heed the bishops? Why did they dismiss their warning without at least checking it out?

Shame on all of them.

Nora Bennis

Revington Park

North Circular Road



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