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Same sex ‘marriage’ would just be a sentimental lie to promote inclusion

Men just married

Nowadays, there are new notions about marriage: ie allowing people of the same sex to form a union and marry. 

These ideas are created out of of compassion, not common sense. So, it is necessary to reiterate a fact. Biologically, two people of the same sex cannot reproductively mate, and therefore should not be allowed marry.

The marriage cannot be consummated because procreation cannot occur. The ‘notions’ undermine the principle reason for mating: to produce children and ensure the future of the species; and they negate hereditary principles. Terminology is being shoehorned to declare a falsehood. The term ‘same-sex marriage’ is a misnomer and is idiotic in construction.

For a marriage to result in a family unit, sperm and egg must be present. The chromosomal and genetic material is provided by the couple. There is no other construct. ‘Notions’ to the contrary are figments of idiotic and delusional thinking. Same-sex couples do not have the requisite genitalia to mate. All that can be gained is a document bequeathing the title ‘marriage’. Such a document diminishes the statue of the basic concept. The principle is reduced to a travesty.

Moreover, because the idea of equality is established by inference, the reproductive dignity of those who can and do procreate is reduced: ie same sex marriage is falsely claiming an elevated position.

The elevation of same sex couples to ‘marriage’ reduces the gravitas of the title for the many who can beget. Moreover, the first principle of reproduction is devalued.

Also, non-procreative unions eliminate the relationship principle ie mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, etc. These titles cease to exist, unless artificially contrived.

A document proclaiming ‘marriage’ can be written to cover any same sex couple. If granted, recipients of such ‘marriage’ certificates will find that they have gained little.

If the idea helps to alleviate some notions of exclusion, there may be some sentimental merit in the concept, but no gain.

To conclude: yes to same sex unions, and no to same sex marriages.

Bernard J. Egan BSc


Co Donegal

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