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Rounding up cents for charity cheats consumers

Following on from my last letter (Irish Examiner, April 9) I didn’t think I could get more disgusted by this current sly move [rounding of cash transactions] by the government to steal our money, how wrong I was.

After purchasing goods recently, once again I was being overcharged by the now usual few cents, again I asked for MY change to be returned to me.

I was told by the shop girl that she intended to put it into the charity box. But this would have been hard to do as she had already closed the till, with MY money inside it, and for her the transaction was completed.

How DARE anyone tell me what to do with MY money. If I choose to give to charity, which I do quite regularly, I am more than able to do this with my own hands.

How would this shop girl feel if I was to take her wages and tell her how she should spend it, where to spend it and moreover STEAL it from her right in front of her eyes and say ‘oh dear times must be tough if you won’t let me just TAKE your money from you’ (as she said to me).

Enough is enough people, don’t just tell me how good my letter was and that someone had to say it.

Be proactive, act now. Take a stand. Demand your change back.

It’s YOUR money.

Erika Griffin
Co Cork


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