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Religion is the cause of this godforsaken mess

For centuries, the representatives of a foreign state, the Vatican, have enjoyed the luxury of being able to impose their will upon us. Through subtle coercion and fear-mongering, clerics have, for too long, operated here without hindrance.

The result is that the lawfully elected representatives of Ireland’s people, and their legislature, have yielded to religious dogma and to the beck-and-call of the Church of Rome.

These religious power-brokers penetrated every facet of Irish life and convinced millions of people that they were incapable of self-responsibility or of thinking for themselves.

The consequence of this infiltration of the minds and hearts of a people is a country that is morally and economically bankrupt.

The prime movers and shakers in this catastrophe have been the Church of Rome and its lay servants and agents.

That, however, hasn’t prevented religiously minded people from continuing to crow from the dunghill, which was created by their excessive emphasis on doctrine, and the pursuit of selfish ends.

What has happened was inevitable, given that we are a nation drugged up, not on cannabis nor on heroin, but on the opiate of the people, religion, which is equally deleterious, if not controlled by the State.

The last thing this country needs, right now, is to have religious dogma interfering in the affairs of State and in abortion legislation.

When the centenary of the rebellion is being celebrated in three years’ time, most people will be asking ‘what progress have we made and when will we be getting the Catholic Church off our backs’?

Pat Daly


Co Cork


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