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Readers Blog: Perplexed and irritated at mind-boggling McCabe fiasco

The complexity of the McCabe saga is mind-boggling indeed. We are dealing with a conscientious public servant who dared to put his head about the parapet and highlight dubious practices within the Garda force.

In doing so, he upset the relationship he had with his colleagues, the beneficiaries of the cosy cartel, as well as many highly — paid public servants.

A stream of badly-chronicled, disjointed information has now been brought into the public domain by individuals who are anxious to retain their status and appointments.

They seem to be drowning in a self-inflicted vortex of dissenting statements which are often difficult to untangle coherently.

Undoubtedly, most members of the public are becoming increasingly impatient with the conflicting information being spewed out on a daily basis. It demeans the prestige of those who engage in such practices.

Seemingly mediocre personnel, of all grades, allowed this matter to ferment and escalate.

Many of us are perplexed and irritated by the entire affair.

What’s more, we are now entitled to a truthful, chronological account of all issues related to this scandalous affair. One has to wonder if the members of the O’Higgins Commission of Inquiry will succeed in making sense of the mishmash of conflicting information currently receiving media coverage.

Horace maintained that “truth is great and it prevails”. We shall see if his maxim still holds today.

Margaret Humphreys


Co Cork


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