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Readers Blog: Ireland can’t play by its own rules under EU law

This country will be asked sooner or later to leave the EU given that it is now notifying Brussels of its intention to give state aid to firms because of Brexit, which it knows it should not do under strict EU rules.

Our relationship with the EU has been very strained as of late with Apple’s tax position. 

It is due to get much worse now that the state is deliberately and brazenly intending to violate rules it signed up to, in which it intends to give financial assistance to firms in the fallout from Brexit.

So is our marriage with the EU over?

It would seem so, as our Government is prepared to violate major contractual obligations in the full knowledge that those breaches are illegal. Ireland cannot stay in the EU and play by rules as it sees fit.

Ireland risks alienating itself from the EU in addition to profound sanctions being taken because of treaty violations.

Ireland will have three choices if it keeps doing things its own way:

  • One, accept the tax and competition regime within the EU and comply.
  • Two, get out and go it alone and resign from the EU like Britain.
  • Three, rejoin the United Kingdom.

The way things are going at the moment option one does not seem likely with fiscal union, because Ireland will never agree to tax its foreign multinationals they way it taxes indigenous companies.

The situation is grave with Brexit and our tax position on multinationals and their subsidiaries. Sooner or later the hammer will fall on Ireland and divorce proceedings will begin.

Our relationship with the EU seems terminal and it will be a matter of time before Irexit becomes a reality.

It will be an irony indeed to have beckoned the British to stay with the EU and find ourselves as a country getting out because of issues we as a country disapprove of.

This country cannot stay in the EU and play by its own rules just because treaty commitments have not foreseen Brexit.

Maurice Fitzgerald


Co Cork


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