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Readers Blog: Brass necks and lack of accountability

What a wonderfully creative country for self-exoneration with a perpetual penchant for self-forgiveness against all the odds and evidence. Wiping the slate clean is seemingly where it’s at — no need for any awkward dallying in the sanction or discipline zone. No thank you, sir.

Just blithely and brazenly state that you and your cronies have corrupted and manipulated a tsunami of operational returns to suit career advancement, and that’s it — no investigation, no nasty repercussions please. Just sally on regardless. Garda management take a bow!

Nice one. Cover-ups, denials, and blaming anyone/everyone but oneself is de rigeur — a noble(?) testament to the badge of (dis)honourable behaviour.

Brass neck is what’s required and of course, a three-monkeys approach to perceptive assimilation. After all there are salaries and pensions to think of here, not to mention lofty promotional opportunities all the way to the top. Why spend time investigating corruption ‘within’, when you can busy yourself with the ‘without’ variety. After all there’s manys a lurking criminal to be apprehended and crimes to ‘solve’. No time for indulging in navel-gazing — simply forgive, forget and move on. Same people to remain in charge — a must to keep the masquerading camouflage intact.

Handy as this modus-operandum is for the higher echelons of garda ‘management’ it’s an absolutely scurrilous indictment of the ingrained malevolent machination and pervasive malaise prevailing and festering apace.

Who polices the police ? Do they (Garda Authority) simply collude with the ‘internal’ appraisal and the Pontius Pilate pattern of self-exoneration just to avoid difficult options?

Seems that top Garda brass have little to bother them in the way of authentic scrutiny. Circle the wagons and hold out until the heat fades, then disclaim all allegations of impropriety, parrot the mantras of under-funding, lack of training, pressure to deliver, etc. etc. and hey presto you’re away on a hack.

Pity the honest-to-God ‘rank-and-filer’ who tries to do a decent day’s work with some degree of decorum and dedication.

‘We’ll soon beat that out of him,’ construes the divisional inspectorate. ‘We’ve careers to massage and salaries to embellish... must up the currency of detection and work the system to the hilt.’

Whatever you do, never allow a whistle-blower to stand in your way of upward mobility.

Ah well, one could suppose they’re only observing the statutory norm in terms of transparency and forthright honesty of application to task. What with the HSE, the Department of Justice, or the Dáil for that matter, who’d be thinking there’s any other way ? If ever caught out, of course, there is a handsome avenue of escape for the top ‘bods’. There’s a ready raft of ‘Euro’ alternatives available for the great fallen Just ask Noirín O’Sullivan, Kevin Cardiff, et al about that.

“Twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe..”

Welcome to ethics and morals, Irish-style.

Jim Cosgrove

Co Waterford

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