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Rapid migration will destabilise the social framework of Europe

Can anyone, no matter how liberal their personal worldview, still seriously dispute that the rapid migration of more than 1,000,000 individuals to Germany has destabilised the social framework of Europe’s most populous and prosperous state?

The evidence of the New Year’s Eve attacks on German women who were viewed as fair game by upwards of 1,000 Muslim men would support this position.

Their medievalist view of women has rocked the German political establishment to its core, as it now confronts the reality of roving bands of men that are locked into an alien cultural belief system causing mayhem on the streets of its cities. However, the utter disdain towards women is not Germany’s only problem; the authorities will also have to contend with the unacknowledged, but nevertheless inevitable increase in anti-Jewish prejudice.

In the fullness of time, this will prove to be the largest of large ‘elephants in the room’.

Indeed it has already started to manifest, even if still only at a micro-level as evidenced by the arrest of two recent immigrants from Syria and Afghanistan on Sunday “on suspicion of attacking and robbing a French man who was wearing a Jewish skullcap”.

Police said the 49-year-old was in a waiting room at Puttgarden ferry port on Saturday when the two men, saying “Jew” in Arabic, pushed him to the floor.

This type of attack has increased on Europe’s Jewish communities over the last number of years, it has become almost impossible for a Jew to wear even the simplest manifestation of their Jewishness, hence the attack on this poor man for merely wearing a yarmulka.

Sadly, I suspect that attacks on women will also be increasingly accompanied by a rise in attacks on Jews if the German authorities do not immediately revisit its open-door immigration policy and put major resources into assimilation and aculturation efforts.

Kevin McCarthy
Co Cork


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