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Put unclaimed Lotto funds to work in the community

During the week, someone failed to cash in their winning Lotto ticket...it could happen to you!

The rules state that the unclaimed prize must be used “exclusively to promote the National Lottery with the core objective of raising funds for good causes”.

Have you ever heard such malarkey? Why not just pick a charity such as our crumbling Crumlin Childrens Hospital or the Mater Foundation that doing great work with SADS, (Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrom)?

A million of unclaimed winnings could staff and run a SADS clinic that has the potential of saving hundreds if not thousands of lives.

Around two per cent of National Lottery sales go unclaimed annually, approximately €12 million, based on 2014 sales. Let that money go to help the sick and dying, the young and the old and not get lost in administrative book keeping!

Kevin Devitte

Mill Street


County Mayo


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