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Protesters have as much right to power as anybody else does

Photo: David Costello, Twitter

I refer to Victoria White’s Irish Examiner article of November 6 (‘Anti-water campaigners protest too much’).

“They don’t care about the water. It’s just a tool to destabilise the Government and accumulate power,” Ms White wrote.

I ask why shouldn’t these protesters take power from the present holders?

What right do the present holders of power have to it, above any other Irish citizen?

“I resent the infantilisation of massive swathes of the population, many of whom did, remember, vote this Government into power, in a free and fair democratic election.”

How can any fair-minded person share Ms White’s view of a “free and fair democratic election”, when established political parties are given preferential benefits for their organisations and candidates, such a state funding and their logos on ballot papers.

Independent candidates seeking change are excluded from such benefits.

I won’t dwell on picking holes in Ms White’s article.

Suffice to say, it contains a load of condescending guff.

Joe Terry


Co Cork


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