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Protest is aimed at celibate elderly men living in luxury in the Vatican

I THINK Cáit Ní Cuilleanáin (Letters, August 28) misses the point in relation to the proposed mass boycott.

Christ formed his church from the ordinary people who led the simplest lives. His teachings – the 10 Commandments and the two main precepts for living, honour God and treat one’s neighbours as oneself – have spread far and wide, and will continue to do so come what may.

The importance of mass and the eucharist is not in dispute here; neither are God’s laws.

What is being questioned are the man-made canon laws that have been formed and altered over the centuries by celibate elderly men living in and surrounded by amassed wealth and who are far removed and out of touch with the laity – the main body of the church.

The laity are now more educated and able to read doctrine and think for themselves, so they have an informed faith rather than a blind one.

One of the recent announcements from the Vatican was an affront to women – the mainstay of any congregation. I fail to see how Christ would see the ordination of a woman as a sin against the sacraments. Remember his sympathetic treatment of Mary Magdalene and the woman at the well.

Would Christ have considered this mother, or Mother Teresa, unfit to celebrate mass when abuser priests and these who were aware of them continued celebrating it for years?

So, the proposed boycott on September 26 is more against the Vatican and the chauvinists within who seem to be on a self-destruct mission.

Catherine O’Brien



Co Cork


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