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Privatised transport is the wrong road to take

The recent dispute at a waste collection company highlights the dangers of privatising services that are essential to citizens. Since privatisation, the quality of service has plummeted in some areas and the cost to the consumer has increased.

So the Government’s crusade to privatise the transport network is worrying. It is putting ideology ahead of reality. Right-wing profit-mongers must accept that certain sectors of a society cannot be left to the whims of the market, should not be expected to yield profit, and that the State has to provide for its citizens.

Foremost among these are healthcare, public sanitation and transport. The intention to put the bus service for Waterford out to tender for privatisation can only lead to disaster. Private companies exist for profit.

There is nothing wrong in businesses striving for profit, but some parts of our society should not be left to their tender mercies.

A privately-operated transport service will diminish services, increase fares and lower wages, because the shareholders will not forego their profit margins.

I hope the Government’s time runs out before they leave us with a private transport system, where routes will be based upon ‘economic viability’ instead of the needs of the travelling public.

Simon O’Connor

138 Lismore road


Dublin 12


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