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Price of five minutes at vet is barking mad

I am writing about vets’ fees. We have an elderly neighbour. He brought his 10-year-old dog to the vet for a check-up that lasted five minutes and was charged €50.

It’s a disgrace. His dog is his life. He loves his dog, who is company and security. I know people might say that we are in a recession and that a dog is not a necessity. It is now as cheap for a human to go to the doctor as for a dog to go to the vet. Before I wrote this letter, I had asked several people with dogs about what the vets are charging. All agreed that the prices were a disgrace.

I found that a lot of people (especially when their dogs get colds or small ailments) are afraid to go to the vets.

If any vet has reduced their rates, they should be supported.

Sinead Healy


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