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Pope’s views on homosexuality misrepresented

I WISH to complain about the report of the Eamon Gilmore interview headlined ‘Gilmore: Pope’s words comfort anti-gay thugs’ (June 28). I’m not shocked about this, but I’m angry, sad and offended.

Why? Well, firstly because Mr Gilmore totally misrepresented Pope Benedict’s views on homosexuality and, secondly, because the Irish Examiner aided and abetted that misrepresentation.

Please stop bashing our beloved Pope. I know that as a human being he probably has faults and failings like the rest or us, but as Jesus says — “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

Also, the Pope has always said gay and lesbian people should be treated with love respect and compassion and that they should not be discriminated against.

It’s a pity that sentiments like that do not make headline news.

The bible and church state that the gay sex act is sinful because it is outside God’s plan for human sexuality.

This is because as human beings all of us — gay or straight — are made in the image and likeness of God.

Therefore it is central to the dignified human condition to uphold the sacredness of sex between a husband and wife, not least because of its potential to create another human life which goes on for eternity.

Also, central to human dignity is an acknowledgement that we come from God and ultimately will go back to him, and a relationship with him is absolutely necessary for our total wellbeing.

Undignified sex damages this relationship.

It is a particular human trait not to submit to every carnal impulse, no matter what kind of relationship we are in — after all, we are not animals. Therefore we are more that just our sexuality. All of this is summed up as the freedom of chastity.

I know these views will be deeply unpopular in our society where sex is used to sell everything from toothpaste to shoe polish.

Nevertheless, all of us — whether gay or straight — are called to chastity and therein is the key to our true freedom and happiness.

Caroline Molan



Co Tipperary


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