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Politicians must honour the people’s verdict

IT’S becoming very apparent, following the referendum no vote, that our politicians are at a complete loss as to how to proceed.

Indeed they are beginning to resemble prefects in some upper class school who have lost control over their charges and are afraid of the consequences when the head finds out.

Just as local government lost its power when rates were abolished and councils became dependent on funding from central government, so also have TDs, ministers and Brian Cowen become no more than lackeys for their EU masters.

Rather than marching with confidence to report the result of the Irish people’s decision on the Lisbon Treaty to Brussels and demand a cessation to further ratification of the treaty until a way forward that is acceptable to all 27 countries is found, they resemble 19th century gombeen men, cap in hand, tugging their forelocks, fearfully approaching their betters with weasel-worded excuses for their inability to deliver the required yes vote.

It’s time these overpaid public representatives started to honour their responsibilities to the majority who voted to reject the treaty rather than scramble around looking for excuses for the way the people voted.

Michael Roche

11 The Downs





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