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Permanent members of the UN Security Council are above the law

Barry Walsh (Letters, January 27) is correct to point out that “Double speak around Putin shouldn’t surprise”.

However, the issues involved are deadly serious, not only in individual cases such as the murder of Litvinenko, but also in assassinations and war crimes committed by the governments of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council — Britain, China, France, Russia, and USA.

Since the foundation of the UN, a litany of crimes has been committed with impunity by these five states, in clear breach of the UN Charter and international laws.

These include: British crimes in Kenya, Malaya; Chinese crimes in Tibet and internally; French crimes in South East Asia, Algeria; USSR/Russian crimes in Eastern Europe, Afghanistan; and US crimes in Latin America, South East Asia, and the Middle East.

The UN and the international community have been powerless to take any punitive actions against these five states or their leaders, because the UN Charter is fundamentally flawed.

This is due to the powers of veto that these five states gave to themselves in 1945, placing themselves above and beyond the rules of international laws.

All this should be deeply worrying to the governments and citizens of small countries like Ireland.

The five UN permanent members don’t need the UN or international laws except to use and abuse them whenever its suits their perceived national interests.

The rule of law should protect the powerless, not further empower the powerful.

The Irish Government should be doing a lot more to reform the UN and international laws, instead of being complicit in the war crimes of our Western so-called allies.

Edward Horgan





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