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Pensioners pay for national grand plan projects

LOOKING in from the outside, it appears the Government is in the pocket of the construction industry and brown bag bank exchanges.

Dublin’s metro and other gargantuan national development plan projects continue unscathed at the expense of pensioners’ medical cards and an income levy.

The sheer lack of knowledge, experience and extreme dependence on advice from conservative civil servants is reflected in the action of Messrs Lenihan and Cowen that has pinned the reduction of the deficit on the backs of the elderly, but by only 1.5% of GDP.

Ostracising those who worked with their blood and sweat during the 1980s’ recession and lame excuses for not immediately addressing public sector reform may be nothing short of political suicide. It may be what the country needs — good riddance to bad rubbish.

Dr Shoumen Datta

77 Massachusetts Ave


Massachusetts 02139



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