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Pensioners aren’t receiving a living wage

The minimum wage, the living wage and the ‘old age pensioner’ wage are topical issues at this time.

The minimum wage is increasing to €9.15 per hour, the living wage is set at €11.50 per hour and based on a 39 hours week the OAP wage is a paltry €5.90 per hour.

Many OAPs would call this a subsistence wage leading to a pitiful existence. So, here we have it, the nub of the whole issue relating to the status of OAPs in Irish society — third class citizens.

We, who have paid more than our fair share of taxes are now also required to pay local property tax and water charges, more taxes in another guise.

But let’s look on the positive side as apparently the upcoming budget is giving the OAPs a rise of a fiver a week.


Denis Moloney

Tinkers Hill


Co Cork


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