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Palestinians need to give up the romantic ghost that is statehood

According to Jack O’Neill (Irish Examiner, Letters, October 6) it is Israel’s fault that Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt refuse to provide full citizenship to the Palestinians who live in those countries.

It is Israel’s fault that the Arab world turned its back on them and refuses to provide the aid that could give them a decent life.

I suppose it’s Israel’s fault too that there isn’t one single modern, progressive or non-corrupt Arab state.

He didn’t answer about the right of Jews to return to their homelands and if they lose that right because they are not refugees, does that mean Palestinian leaders prefer to keep their people living in squalor in Arab camps for a right of return that can never happen because it’s fantasy that has no basis in reality.

I realise wallowing in denial is preferable to facing the hard cold truth that generations of Palestinians (and Irish republicans) have been tricked by their leaders but even children have to face the truth about the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy at some point.

It is irresponsible for us to pander to delusions about a Palestinian state and the effort wasted on that delusion would be better spent if it were redirected toward getting Palestinians full citizenship in the Arab countries where they’ve lived for decades and in addressing the corruption of their leaders that keeps them living in squalor despite the hundreds of millions handed over in aid each year.

The reality is that the Jewish people took the opportunity to create their state and the Palestinians did not.

The reason they did not was not the fault of the new Israeli state but was the fault of Palestinian and other Arab leaders.

The right and proper solution to the Middle East is for Gaza and the West Bank to be fully ceded to Israel. Those who wish to remain living there to become full Israeli citizens and for those who choose to leave, to be allowed to choose which Arab country to go to and be given full citizenship rights in those countries.

The cost for this should be borne by the Arab world and some western countries.

Even if a Palestinian state was created it can never be viable, it will immediately spilt and have a civil war and it will be just another backward, oppressive and corrupt state, just what the Middle East needs.

But most of all, its failure is inevitable because its rationale for existing is based on the Muslim hatred of Jews and no state that defines itself by such an irrational hatred can prosper.

Desmond FitzGerald

Canary Wharf



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