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Paisley – a strange voice for Catholics

SO the Catholic community in Ireland has a new champion to save them from the evils of the Roman Church – Ian Paisley.

Claiming he had been contacted by “many Roman Catholic people” to protest on their behalf at the visit to Britain by Pope Benedict, it is to be hoped Dr Paisley’s defence of sexually abused victims of Catholic clergy will not end up like the abused children at Kincora boys’ home in Belfast.

This was run as a gay brothel for paedophiles in the 1980s.

Ms Valarie Shaw, a full-time missionary in Dr Paisley’s Free Presbyterian Church, claimed to have informed him repeatedly of her concerns regarding the behaviour of a senior house warden at the home, but says Dr Paisley failed to act. Miss Shaw resigned her position in the church as a result.

This was denied by Dr Paisley. However, in a subsequent interview, he admitted he had been informed but disputed the dates.

Three house wardens, two of whom were leading loyalist paramilitaries, were subsequently charged, convicted and jailed for sexually abusing children from Kincora boys’ home.

Tom Cooper


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