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Now I am home I don’t want to vote

I lived abroad for many years and thus had no opportunity to vote. When I returned to Ireland, I swore I would always use my vote. Now, I’m not so sure. To what party can I give my precious vote?

Labour? I voted for them in the last election. They morphed into Fine Gael’s lapdog, willing to forget their left-wing policies just to remain in power.

Fine Gael? They keep pointing to what ‘their economy’ has achieved. This doesn’t tally with the acute problems facing us: hundreds of people on trollies, hospital waiting lists, evictions, lack of social housing, rural crime, drug misuse, the mess that is Irish Water. No long-term plans or vision. Example, flooding in the town of Bandon.

Again and again and again! Enda, you may push out the elections in the hope that the flooding will be forgotten. Well, that’s an illusion. As leader of the Government, vision and leadership are expected of you.

Fianna Fáil? Until the TDs who were responsible for the economic crash, and that includes Michael Martin, are gone out of politics for good, I would never consider giving them my vote.

Sinn Féin? I have voted for them in local elections. Maybe if Gerry Adams steps down and a little bit of infighting reveals more soul.

Mini parties and independents? No and no. They either have no power or hold the balance of power, which I find undemocratic.

Oops, almost forgot the Green Party. Well, they do have vision and principles and are honest, but will they put up a candidate in my area?

I somehow feel I will boycott this election,

Greta Kelly

Co Cork


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