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Not all public servants are targets of hate

In her recent sermon-like article (Irish Examiner, Feb 6) Terry Prone castigated the Irish people for what she describes as their licensed envy and resentment against those perceived to be insulated against the current recession.

Ms Prone claims that anybody in the public service who takes home expenses of any kind is a target of public hatred.

This is untrue.

It is only those at the higher levels of the public service, including politicians, who pay themselves lottery sum salaries and pensions, that are rightly the target of public odium.

She claims that the media takes advantage of people’s resentment to get a headline.

This is untrue.

While the media has its faults it has done great service for the people of Ireland by exposing the corruption and incompetence that has destroyed the country.

Ms. Prone is critical of the Freedom of Information Act, suggesting that it costs more than it’s worth.

This is a disturbing attitude from someone who has such an influence in the media.

Assuming that Ms Prone is actually aware of the deep hardships being suffered by the majority of citizens is it reasonable to conclude that her hardline views stem from someone who is well insulated against such hardships?

Anthony Sheridan


Co Cork


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