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‘No’ camp not confined to Provos and whingers

THE outburst from PJ McElhone, in a letter headlined ‘No going back’ (April 7), is a sure sign that the Lisbon Treaty is sinking faster than the Titanic.

The best Mr McElhone can do is lambast those who oppose the treaty, calling them Provo bank robbers, old left-wing whingers and gangsters.

I don’t know what kind of company he is keeping, considering the no voters with whom he is acquainted, but I am a retired farmer, a no voter, who was never a bank robber, a Provo or left-wing.

I have been known to whinge occasionally, mostly over bad weather conditions and getting drenched wet in the course of my farm work.

The many people I know who are voting no to the Lisbon Treaty include a highly respected solicitor, three doctor friends, a number of teachers, mothers, fathers and farmers — many farmers.

I need scarcely add that all of these, like me, have no links with gangster activity of any kind.

No doubt they have their ear to the ground and know that it is no fun having our farming rights, fishing rights and other rights under the iron control of Brussels, to the point where Irish politicians are powerless against the might of EU law.

Now that we are being badgered into signing away all the remaining rights of our nation — including family rights and the personal rights of every man, woman and child of this and future generations — we believe it is important to vote no in order to hold on tight to the little that is left.

Michael Sheehan



Co Cork


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