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New property tax takes no account of ability to pay

Would it be possible to clear up once and for all what the position is between what happens in the UK and what is proposed here regarding exemptions, etc, under the Property Tax?

All persons on low incomes in the UK receive allowances called Council Tax Benefit to mitigate the cost involved. Persons on the State pension are treated very humanely in this regard and there is no question of the State arbitrarily taking any part of the home or inheritance after death as is proposed here. There is a voluntary “deferral” scheme for those above the threshold set for qualification for support. This had a poor uptake given penalties involved. Also, there is a plan to change the current scheme on the UK next year, which is in reality a cut in the support. However, there is no change in the amount of help that pensioners currently receive.

It seems that the UK’s unwritten constitution gives more protection than our written one as the UK government abides by the principle of not levying taxes on those who cannot afford to pay them.

With that in mind, one wonders if the proposed imposition here that has no “ability-to-pay” protection might be a breach of some law or other, apart altogether from it being incredibly unfair and dangerously so with regard to those living on the State pension.

Jim O’Sullivan




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