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New drink limit would imprison rural Ireland

HAVING read Michael Job’s sensible letter (September 9) regarding young drivers becoming prisoners in their homes if legislation proposed by the RSA is introduced, I want to highlight the plight of another group who are already prisoners in their homes as a result of crazy legislation.

These are rural dwellers, in particular those living alone whose only outlet was a pint or two at night in their local. As a result of drink driving laws these people are now afraid to go to the local, have a couple of pints and drive home in case they lose their licence.

I must emphasise that I do not in any way condone drink driving, but I am speaking about a type of person who can safely drive home along country roads after two pints.

As we all know too well, rural Ireland is dying on its feet and if the drink driving limit is further lowered, it will be the final nail in its coffin.

Rural isolation is already a huge problem and it’s these same people who will be further victimised if the proposed new legislation is implemented.

Surely it is obvious at this stage that there are a myriad of factors involved in causing the carnage on our roads – speed, carelessness, fatigue, stress, use of mobile phones, increased traffic, etc.

I would appeal to the RSA and the transport minister to use a modicum of compassion and commonsense before making any changes to the present legislation

Kay Murphy





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