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Muslims, unlike the Jews in the ‘30s, are resistant to integration

Re Kevin Mc Carthy’s letter ( September 5), as it happens the borough where I live in London (Tower Hamlets) is one of the poorest and richest in the country as it contains Canary Wharf and a swathe of deprived social housing estates.

I regularly see stickers on lamp posts telling me that this or that street is a gay or Jew-free zone thanks to a range of Muslim groups. I see elderly women and men who have lived here for decades but don’t speak any English yet still know what day to go collect their UK pension.

I see their sons and husbands hanging around mosques every Friday who dress like they are still living in their former country even though the clothes they wear are not compatible with the UK climate.

I see their children, who were given all the opportunities possible by the UK, who have grown up feckless and full of hate for women, Jewish people, other non-Muslims, gay people and other minorities. The Jewish refugees of the 1930s, Kevin McCarthy refers to were not bringing an alien culture that was incompatible with European ideals.

They were subjected to anti-Semitism because they were a minority and it’s easy to target a small community (Jewish or gay or black) to deflect attention from deeper problems.

These people share our humanity and should be provided with help to stay where they are. An open door policy will have consequences long after this generation of politicians have departed the stage with their pensions.

Desmond FitzGerald

Canary Wharf




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