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Mother and baby home survivors must be heard

Last Friday marked a day of hope mixed with despair. I, a natural mother, sat and listened to the proposed terms and references of the Mother and Baby Homes Commission.

These terms of reference were compiled in such a way that no legal action can ever be brought by me before the courts.

In my own case, I was abducted from the UK, imprisoned in such an institution operating under the guise of a mother and haby home.

In their inhumane treatment of expectant mothers and their profitable contracts with pharmaceutical companies, they treated us like rats in a laboratory test.

They didn’t see us as genuine young innocent human beings. And then they sold our babies - sold our children to the US export market. Myself and many other woman received training in free slave labour.

The rights of expectant mothers, fathers and innocent babies were violated in every respect of the word. I can only hope that those outside of this country will do their utmost, to ensure justice is served for us women and for our babies.

I hope many of us live to see the day when all those involved will be named and shamed.

To all my soul sisters whom are still hiding behind the veils of lies, secrets and betrayal, be not afraid anymore, they can never harm you again. Find your voice once more, only this time let your screams be heard.

Terri Harrison

Seventh Lock Cottages

Killeen Road

Co Dublin


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