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Most would welcome queen – where’s the proof?

HAVE your editorial writers read ‘1984’ and are they busy modelling themselves on the manipulators of truth in George Orwell’s dystopian novel?

Writing of the proposed visit by Queen Elizabeth to Ireland, you say (June, 26) it is claimed that ” ... the great majority of Irish people would welcome such a visit if only because the event would symbolise a strengthening of a relationship of equals”.

Where do your editorial writers get their information? I know of no poll which suggests “the great majority” would welcome a visit from the head of the House of Windsor.

As to claims of “a relationship of equals” – to quote a former Taoiseach, “do you take us for eejits entirely?” Britain has 5,000 troops garrisoned in the North and exercises political control there.

When I last checked, Ireland had no troops on British soil and her political control there was nil. As it should be.

We would all wish Anglo-Irish relations were those of cordial equality, but wishing and uncomfortable reality are two different things.

So, please – less of the black-is-white. Closing our eyes to the realities in the North won’t make them go away and projecting unsubstantiated claims as established fact is to assume your readers don’t know a hawk from a handsaw. They do.

Jude Collins


Co Antrim


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